Friday, April 23, 2010

Organization at it's Finest.

So I had been meaning to take some photos of where I work... and I kept putting it off because I needed to clean, get shelves, get organized... and it just always seemed like I wasn't quite there yet. Well, finally, after seeing all these amazing spaces (clean and unclean) on the Attack of The Craft boards, I decided if I was going to take pictures, it was now or never... and perhaps the photos being out there and making everyone hold me accountable and call me a piggie, might make me want to clean. And also because we are having people over to our apt for a kickback/bday party and I have a HUGE problem with people being in my dwelling when it's unclean... I just can't have it... so the living room is done, the kitchen just needs to be wiped down, and now the studio, cuz we have a shelf blocking the door now, and can't close it.
Anyway... I think it looks WAY worse in photos than in real life.

Feast your eyes upon the madness:

as you can see, the biggest problems are the cutting table in the middle of the room, which I only really mind when I'm working on a large project, cuz that will almost ALWAYS be covered in stuff, since its where I do the majority of my work... and the other major problem is the fabric stash... and keep in mind, every plastic drawer unit in these photos is also stuffed with fabric, in addition to the fabric you can see in other places... I know... it's an addiction, I have acknowledged it, but I have no intention of curing it! SO THERE!

So, my first step was getting the second table, as I have 4 sewing machines (two sergers, two reg machines) and another chair. Check.
And I've bought an additional lamp for the second table. Check.

and the best investment of all, were these I got from Target:

Which will now house all my fabric... so tonight shall be organization time! and cleaning in general... especially since I've made some fuzzy boot covers for some clients this week and the room is now covered in red, yellow and green fur as well as random shit.

but for now, off to the day job... I'll post after pix soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

AoTC and Furs.... sounds like a band...

So I apologize, I guess, for directing any of you over to the DIYscene forum in my last post... because all us cool people have moved over to Attack of the Craft and it is now the coolest place to be. Like srsly. I mean, like, go over there... like now.
Attack of The Craft - A Discussion Forum for Crafters, DiY Artisans, and Lovers of Handmade!

Other than that, I have been busy, as per usual, working hard on new summer styles for the etsy shop. I've recently perfected a racerback tank pattern and about 5 variations of it that I'm now in love with and want to use all the time (if you go to my shop now, you'll see what I'm talking about)

Buy Handmade

Other than the normal sewing I do for my etsy, I'm currently working on a custom order for some Fluffy Boot Covers to be worn to a 4-20 rave.... *ahem*...


and while I LOVE working with fur, I love making things with it, I love shopping for it, and petting it lol... IT GETS EVERYWHERE! No matter what I do, how carefully I cut it, even if I hold my breath and immediately shake it out in a garbage bag... always ends up in my nose, stuck to my feet, all over my shirt.... AAARRRRRRGHGHHHH! but the end result is always nice, so I suppose that's all that matters? *shrug*

that said, i have a GREAT source for fur. I do wish I could buy it wholesale (perhaps someday) but for now I'll take what I can get. It's reasonably priced, the highest I've bought from them was a long haired purple with metallic threads for $20/yd... but ALL of their fur is 66" wide. FANTASTIC! I can EASILY get two boot covers out of half a yard of that. So awesome. I took some example shots of some of their tri-color furs today to show a client, and I thought I might share them with you guys, cuz they are super cute!


I love fabric shopping... OH! While I was at the fur shop, they also carry other fabrics, so I got this too! $5 a yard!
its a lightweight white satin (almost lining weight) with black velvet flocking. LOVE IT! Not sure what I'll make out of it yet, but I'll come up with something!

back to work!