Friday, March 19, 2010


I forgot to mention it in the last post!
I have recently have gotten more involved in the DIYscene Forum and I absolutely LOVE it.
I joined the forum in 2008 when I first opened my etsy shop and posted probably about 3 times and then haven't been on since... I recently went back on a whim and was blown away by the community itself!
Now that I've been an etsy seller for a couple years, and have been shopping etsy and reading The Storque and the newsletters, etc.... I go onto the DIYscene boards and realized SO MANY of my favorite sellers are on there! And many people I read their blogs, follow their twitters, or buy their crafts, etc!
It's also a great source of information. So many sellers and buyers with varying levels of experience and knowledge about anything you could really want to know about DIY. Some of them make a living off of it, some are working regular jobs as well... I would highly recommend it to any DIYer of any experience level, or even if you are a DIY buyer!

You gotta get on there. Srsly.

Also, you can join their Street Team, once you meet certain requirements and get to participate in monthly themes, swaps, etc. And tag your items with the "CraftAnon" tag which people shopping etsy frequently search for because of their TNT sales and special deals.

so yeah. Do it. Click to go to DIYscene


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